2015-04-09 21:55:18 by MisoSoup247

Just making a new post since I haven't made any in a long time. 

Let the animations commence!

2011-11-30 15:14:27 by MisoSoup247

after about 1 year of working with flash I think im ready to start showing off my animations now, although they still need some polishing i think they're good enough to not make anyone's eyes bleed :D

will commence posting animations sometime this month...

Let the animations commence!


2011-04-10 04:25:18 by MisoSoup247

Sorry guys, but its CANCELED

Many of you (actually its no one) must be angry but I am sadly stopping the project.
Well, I never had any fans or people that enjoyed my animation to begin with.

( I have no animations to share D: )

P.S Well, one day I'll try to finish and show it to all you guys but I had no Idea where i was going with this flash. I didn't know if I should just copy the whole story from the comic or just try to make my own plot with the characters and make it funny but oh well.... one day, one day.


Working on my first animation series that will be based of a manga.....cause i cant think of anything original.

i seriously think this is a bad idea.

First Animation Submission in progress